Our Course

Green Fees:

1.  Guest green fees are subject to change and shall be set by the board of Directors.

2.  Charge tickets for guest green fees will be prepared and turned in by the member responsible.

3.  Out of county guests under the age of 14 years may play the golf course free of charge if they are a houseguest of a member.

Administrative Course Rules:

1.  The maximum number of players in a group is a fivesome, except during the period of November through February when the Director of Golf may authorize sixsomes.

2.  One player per bag and per set of clubs is allowed.

3.  Singles, twosomes, and sixsomes (when authorized) have no priority, and must not interfere with play of other groups.

Practice Facilities:

1.   Range:  Obtain balls from the Pro Shop.  Hit from South to North and from marked practice tees only.

2.   Practice Greens:   Retrieve all balls from practice greens when practice is complete.

Tee Times:

1.  Sign up, or call in, for tee times on weekends or holidays.

2.  Block tee times for large groups– one or two groups; see (d.1) above.  For blocking tee times for three or more groups, coordinate with Golf Professional.

e.   Sign In:  Players must sign the register before teeing off.  This is necessary so Pro Shop personnel will know who is on the course during an emergency.  It is also necessary in order to determine the number of rounds played on the course.

Days of Operation:

1.  The course will normally be closed on Mondays except when State and Federal holidays fall on that day.

2.  Pro Shop hours of operation will be published, as required, by the Golf Professional.  The Pro Shop will be open on Monday holidays at the discretion of the Golf Professional.

Sprinklers and Equipment:  Do not adjust the sprinklers.  Be alert and cooperative when the equipment is being used in your vicinity.

Golf Attire:  Proper golf attire is required for all golfers.  A collared shirt or mock turtleneck shirt with golf appropriate shorts are required.  T-shirts, tank tops, short shorts and metal spikes are not acceptable.  Players must be neat in appearance with respect to personal grooming and clothing.

Golf Carts-General Information:

1.  Maximum of two adults per cart.

2.   Keep carts at least 60 feet from greens (watch signs).  When approved by the golf committee, a member with physical impairment may move somewhat closer.  Everyone, please use good judgment!

3.  The 90-degree rule is standard, i.e., turn off a trail 90 degrees from your ball. Return the same way.  Protect the fairways. Approximately 150 carts are in use at the course.  Pooling carts is encouraged, e.g., four players – two carts, etc.

4.  Standard golf carts, pull cart equipment, etc., are the only vehicles allowed on the course.

Golf Cart Storage, Annual Permit, and Liability:

1.  Annual Fee:  The annual fee for a cart stall is payable in advance each year.   Each renter will sign a rental agreement before a stall may be assigned (see Club Manager).  Stall assignments are not transferable.

2.  Annual Permit:  Each golf cart used on the course must obtain a permit.  Cart registrations are on the honor system.  Permits are not transferable to another cart owner.  Anyone bringing a golf cart without a permit will be charged $25.00 per day and subsequently be subject to disciplinary action by the Board.

3.  Liability:  The Club cannot accept responsibility for injuries or property damage resulting from improper use of carts or damage which results from children driving carts.

Special Instructions for Young Golfers:

      1. Beginners (9 years of age and under):

a.  Are not allowed to drive golf carts on the Club grounds.

b.  Must be accompanied by an adult or experienced teenager in order to play the course.

      2.  Intermediates (10 – 15 years of age):

a.  Must receive permission from the Pro before playing the course without supervision.

b.  Are not permitted to drive the golf carts on the Club grounds, unless they are with an adult member who is 18 years or older.

      3.   Juniors (16-17 years of age):

a.  Must be 16 years of ageto drive a golf cart on Club grounds; two people per cart.

b.  Tee Times:  All Junior Golfers will obtain tee times for play on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.  Coordinate with the Golf Pro before teeing off on other days.

McAlester High School Golf Team Members:  Students who are out of class and on the Club grounds during the school day must be under the supervision of school personnel.

m.  Courtesy:

All golfers are urgently requested to:

            –  Avoid slow play.

            –  Follow “play through” concept.

            –  Protect the course.

            –  Be careful with carts.

            –  Wear proper attire.